Business Chaplaincy

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Justice Prayers is a prayer ministry. Our mission is to pray as Jesus prayed over the various mountains of influence including the business mountain, the government mountain and the family mountain. Many of our clients are on the mountain of business.

We are a small team of seasoned intercessors. We pray over businesses, individuals, couples, and families. We also pray over individuals in ministry.

We offer prophetic prayer, dream interpretation, intercession training, and chaplaincy support.

We pay our intercessors a stipend.  We are on call daily. We submit custom prayers to you weekly or bi-monthly. You may choose to receive your prayers via email in a mp3 recording, typed out with prayer notes, a personal phone call, or live call on zoom or Jitsi.

We pray prophetically into the prayer requests you send to us. You will have access to the prayer team leader via email and cellphone.

Justice Prayers is focused on the justice of God in a world filled with the injustices of spiritual warfare.

We look forward to praying with you!


This has a suggested donation of $250/month, but there is a sliding scale in place based on your situation.


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