Ruth-Angela Patten:
Founder, a follower of Jesus and The Way, and a Researcher of all things mystical

Welcome, I am a lover of Jesus, first and foremost. That is the basis for everything I do and create. Do not be confused by my use of mystic in my site. A mystic is merely a soul who is more directly consciously connected to the Divine than others.

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My prophetic art comes from a deep place of numerous encounters with the Creator God of the Universe. Since my Mom passed, angels have increased in their visitations.

I see and have interacted with numerous angels and have sketched and painted them to the best of my ability. The beauty of Heaven is difficult to capture on paper! Heaven is very brilliantly colorful and alive!

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My novel is based in part on my life story.

It is the most intriguing story of a girl who is attacked and abducted. She is suddenly dragged down into a deep dark place under the Earth by a demonic entity! The angels around her could not save her from the attack because she had been tempted away from her intimacy with the Lion of Judah.

The young man called to be her husband has a radical encounter with God. The question remains: can he get to her before it’s too late?

This novel is a story of redemption, strength and valor.

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