Ruth-Angela, is an author, artist, and mentor. She  lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband Matthew and their two boys. Matthew and Ruth-Angela met at a local seminary where he was studying systematic theology and she was studying missions and evangelism. They quickly bonded at a prayer meeting over worship, prayer, and deep intercession. They are in the process of starting a home congregation based on the biblical model of the Ekklesia as mentioned in the Book of The Acts of the Apostles.

Ruth-Angela has numerous encounters with angels and Heavenly beings. She felt the Lord giving her permission to begin sharing her prophetic art with the world. Each art piece creates a portal into the Heavenly realms for encounters with Jesus in the same way a musical composition can help to carry a person into the Throne Room of Heaven.

Ruth-Angela’s novel Waging War The Girl and The Great Dragon, took her about 5 1/2 years to complete. She not only wrote about spiritual warfare, but she experienced it and learned from it while in the realms of Heavenly places.

Ruth-Angela has a passion for helping women walk into a lifestyle of Divine health, healing, and wholeness. She has posted several low-cost webinars on Vimeo. The links to Ruth-Angela’s prophetic art, novel and webinars are available on the home page here.

Please note…

Ruth-Angela has BA and MA degrees in sacred and classical music. She is working on a several children’s songs and children’s books to be released at a future date!

Stay tuned!