Need Prayer?

Why pay a chaplain?

While you can certainly receive prayer for free from your church, does your church have a team of seasoned, professional, gifted and prophetic intercessors? We are just such a team. 

We have seen God move mightily on our clients’ behalf, and know that He wants to move through us to bless you.


What areas do we cover?

We believe that God wants to move in your life, and have experience praying over all 7 mountains of influence, from religion, family, business, and media, to education, arts & entertainment, and government.

Many of our clients are in business, but we have prayed over many in other areas as well. 

How does it work?

You sign up, we get in touch, and this whole thing can be any combination of virtual (a Zoom or Jitsi call), phone calls, emails, audio recordings, smoke signals, or just about any form of communication, really. 

Know that only members of your personal prayer team will ever see your personal information, and only enough to cover your needs. They will be anonymous to you, and they will only have your name and requests to work from.